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Some background information of combustion analysis is here:
Brown, B. R., "Combustion Data Acquisition and Analysis," M.Eng. Automotive Engineering Thesis, Loughborough University, 2001. [1.21MB]

Converting AVL IFile data to MATLAB

catool can be used to convert raw combustion data in AVL IFile format for later analysis in The MathWorks' MATLAB or GNU Octave.


1) Create a directory to store the catool files such as 'C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\MATLAB\catool'.

2) Copy the load_ifile.m script to the above toolbox directory. The first time the script is called it will download the latest catool executable for Windows to the same directory as load_ifile.m. If you are using Mac or Linux you will need to download the sourcecode and compile yourself. If the PC you are using does not have internet access you will need to download the latest catool executable files and copy to the same directory as load_ifile.m yourself.

3) Add the above path: (at MATLAB prompt) addpath('C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\MATLAB\catool')

4) Save the path: (at MATLAB prompt) savepath

5) Load the data: (at MATLAB prompt) ifile = load_ifile('avl_ifile.001',1)

6) Plot the data: (at MATLAB prompt) plot(ifile.CYLPR1.axis,